Rotisserie Royale & Gästehaus am Schlossberg


dogs are family members and are welcome to join us.
In order to contribute to a harmonious coexistence, we ask you to follow the clues to other guests of the guest house can enjoy their stay.

You can book your dog every night and every arrangement.
As our guest rooms are only accessible via partially narrow stairs, please clarify with us in advance if our house is suitable for their four-legged friends.

Price per dog and day: € 10.00

Dogs in the breakfast room

We ask that your dogs for breakfast from hygiene and space reasons not to bring along.

We ask for your understanding and considerate of our other guests.


Even if your dog is a champion of good behavior, we would ask you to keep the dog in the guesthouse and restaurant on a leash.

Feel free to leave your dog in the room, so that he or you can relax in peace!
So we do not disturb him, please attach the information sign outside the door.
Thus, neither the dog nor our employees are scared.

Thank you for your understanding and a relaxing stay in our guest house
Wishes them Bußhoff Family & Team


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